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  • Using Solar Energy to Heat Your Greenhouse

    Heating your DIY Greenhouse, as we have previously covered, can be one of the most expensive parts of ownership. While there are many great potential heating systems available to the home gardener, not everyone can afford the expense of purchase and upkeep that those systems …

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  • Calculating the Heating Needs for Your DIY Greenhouse

    As covered in our other posts, heating your DIY Greenhouse can be one of the more expensive parts of owning it. Keeping several considerations in mind when you start planning your construction, namely your style or design, can reduce this cost greatly over the lifetime …

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  • Heating Systems for Your DIY Greenhouse

    After reading our posts on types and design considerations for building your DIY Greenhouse you most likely have a decent idea of what your greenhouse will look like and how you would like it to function. If this includes use during the colder months of …

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