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  • How to Build Your Own DIY Greenhouse Bench

    For a true DIY-selfer, making his or her own greenhouse bench is a natural extension to making his or her own DIY Greenhouse. Embedded to the right is a picture of a simple greenhouse bench you can make in one weekend. Once you make the …

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  • All About Greenhouse Benches

    Your DIY Greenhouse is finally complete. It looks fantastic, you are proud of yourself and it is time to have some fun. Next stop: the garden center. Well, not just yet. If you put all your plants on the ground in your greenhouse, you will …

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  • Bench Tops for Your Greenhouse Growing Needs

    Different people build their DIY Greenhouse for different purposes: some want to grow exotic plants that would not survive in the garden during the cold winter months. Others want to have a head start on the growing season on fruits and vegetables. They need a …

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