Do You Need a Building Permit for Your DIY Greenhouse?

You’re done planning, have the money saved up and are ready to start building your DIY Greenhouse. But have you looked into if you need to do anything before you start building? Before you stick a shovel in the ground or start unpacking your kit, you need to think about details like local building codes and acquiring the proper permits.

Many people might scoff at this idea. After all you’re just building a tiny out building, or perhaps even a small addition onto your home for an attached greenhouse. Do you really need to take these steps? Absolutely!

There are a lot of reasons to make sure you get your permit:

Building Permits Make Your Greenhouse Legal

First and foremost getting a building makes it legal for you to build your greenhouse. Building without a permit could not only get you fined, but your local municipality may require you to take it down. What a shame it would be to put in all that work and effort only to have to rip it all back down and start from square one or give up on the dream entirely!

Expert Advice For Building Your Greenhouse

In your local code enforcer you are working with someone who is an expert in how your structure needs to be built to meet applicable building codes. Their input will be priceless in making sure your greenhouse can stand up to the elements such as snow and wind loading. Also, building codes were built for a reason: safety. Talk to your enforcer, build your greenhouse properly by following local codes and ensure your greenhouse is not only functional, but also well built and safe.

Ensures Good Property Management

Beyond being the responsible thing to do, there is value in making sure you attain all the proper permits. Many insurance companies will not cover buildings, additions or structures that are built with out the proper permitting and do not meet local codes. Additionally if you ever wish to sell your property, you will likely be unable to sell a property that does not meet “code”. This could mean expensive repairs later or even worse, a loss of sale.
Getting Your Building Permit

The very first thing to do is to visit your local town office and talk to a code enforcer or who ever is in charge of issuing the permits you’ll need. You’ll need to bring along some basic information with you to aid in your discussion with your local town official. The first should be a drawing of your property; this should include any important landmarks on the property like a home, road, barn or river. There is no need to be to detailed with this drawing, simple boxes representing buildings and your greenhouse will suffice. Also add any important notes or distances showing setbacks from those same landmarks.

The second drawing should be a floor plan of your proposed greenhouse, with dimensions included. Depending on your building codes, you may need to also show side and top views for filing for your building permit. When you visit the town office they will tell you exactly what you need in order to complete your application for permit.

Oh and a check or cash! There is normally a small fee with applying for your permit. Save a receipt as you may be able to write off some of the cost as a tax write off at years end.

Attaining a building permit for your DIY Greenhouse does not have to be a difficult process. Just have patience, be willing to listen and you can avoid incurring the wrath of your local code enforcer.

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