How Big Should Your DIY Greenhouse Be?

When planning and designing your DIY Greenhouse, one of the first questions, other than style, that you will ask yourself is, “how big should I build this thing?” There are several issues to keep in mind and consider when determining the proper dimensions.

For us the three major considerations are cost, intended use, and siting.

Cost Considerations

One kit manufacturer we talked to recommended buying the largest greenhouse that you can afford. While this may at first seem like a valid point, remember: kit retailers and construction contractors want to sell the largest kit, or contract the largest job possible. Make sure you do your homework and build the correct size greenhouse for you. It would be a shame to devote the funds and time to a large greenhouse only to realize you cannot manage such a large space, or even afford the utilities associated with it.

Of course you don’t want to go to far in the other direction either. A greenhouse that is to small for your needs will feel cramped, not allow you to grow all the plants you had hoped for, and in general will lead to frustration in the end. Make sure you hold off on ordering that kit, or building your DIY greenhouse until you can afford to build the one you want, and need. Of course you could always compromise and begin with a greenhouse that you can build onto later.

Intended Use

When building a home, you have to take into consideration how many people will be living there and what sort of amenities those persons would like to have in that space. Greenhouses are no different. How many plants do you want to have? Will you have benches? Shelves? Sinks? A potting bench? It is very important to have all of this well thought out before putting hammer to nail. We recommend taking a piece of paper and just sketching out the layout you want inside your greenhouse. Draw the configuration first, and then add the dimensions. Your final sketch should give you a rough idea of how large the building should be.

NOTE: Make sure to give yourself plenty of room to move around! A common mistake is the make spaces between benches, growing beds etc to narrow. This will lead to you becoming uncomfortable with the space and you may end up using the greenhouse less as a result.

Siting of the Greenhouse

If you have a smaller, urban yard, you will most likely not want a greenhouse that takes up the entirety of your property. How the DIY Greenhouse you are building fits into the general layout of your property is also very important. If the greenhouse is to utilize “add on” amenities like water and power from another structure, make sure it is located in an area with that in mind. Make sure greenhouse adds to the property not takes away from it.

As previously mentioned, taking the time upfront to take all the factors of your DIY Greenhouse into consideration will save you time, effort and money in the long run.

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