How to make a DIY Greenhouse
With just a small amount of instruction you can construct your very own greenhouse and enjoy your favorite vegetables and flowers all year round. Greenhouses are a great way to save money and a cheap way to eat healthy.

Do It Yourself Greenhouse

Using a Wooden Foundation for Your Greenhouse

A wood foundation is an inexpensive way to quickly setup your greenhouse and provides the support and stability it will need throughout the year. Wood is a very cost effective material to use for the foundation and is easy to work with for most homeowners who already have the tools needed to install it. Wood also enables you to avoid …

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Choosing the Right Greenhouse Flooring

The floor in your new DIY greenhouse is an important choice that affects both your comfort and your budget. While there are a wide range of options for your greenhouse flooring, most people decide based on personal preference. The floor in your greenhouse needs to be able to provide adequate drainage, support constant foot traffic and help stabilize the temperature …

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Things to Know About Concrete For Your Foundation

Many people building a DIY greenhouse will choose concrete for their foundation and need a little extra help understanding the best way to use this versatile material. Even though it can simply be mixed and poured into a form to build a basic foundation, there are several things you can do to ensure it provides the best support possible. By …

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