Why build your own DIY Greenhouse?

If you’ve come to this page you are most likely considering taking on a project to build your own DIY Greenhouse. Perhaps you are looking for hints or tips on how to build the greenhouse itself or maybe you are looking for ways to convince you significant other to let you build your greenhouse in the back yard. On both accounts we’re happy to help.

There are many reasons to build your own greenhouse;


If you are passionate about gardening or homegrown food, having your own controllable environment like a greenhouse is probably something you’ve dreamed about for long time. While outdoor gardening has it’s own rewards, a greenhouse allows you to control things like temperature, watering, humidity and even the planting season itself. With a greenhouse you can plant your seeds sooner, which means fresh fruits and vegetables or blooming flowers earlier in the season. Likewise with the proper techniques and consideration towards what you are planting, you may be able to plant and grow through the winter seasons if you are located in a northern climate.


It is undeniable that the cost of everything is rising these days, and food is no exception. More people have started gardening in their backyards than ever before. Over the past few years there has been an explosion in suburban gardening, from full on traditional gardens taking the place of manicured lawns, to raised planters, gardening in large pots, or even hanging planters (often tomatoes). Having your own greenhouse will pay for itself quickly as mentioned above you can control your growing seasons and climate with a greater degree of accuracy.

Your DIY greenhouse will also save you money by doing the construction yourself. While there are many quality greenhouse kits on the market, those kits carry costs above what your own projects would be. Your greenhouse will cost you; the cost of the materials and the cost of any additional contractor you may decide to hire. A kit will not only cost you the same price for materials, but the cost of engineering and designing the greenhouse, the shipping, packaging and marketing of the kit as well as general mark ups so that the manufacturer, distributor and retailer of those kits can cover their overhead and make a profit. Only basic construction skills are needed to make your own DIY Greenhouse. If you lack a needed skill, chances are a friend or family member will be willing to help you learn and construct your project.


If you’ve decided to build your own greenhouse, chances are you are already planning it out in your head. Maybe you’ve even drawn up some sketches on the back of envelopes or napkins. If the greenhouse will be attached to another structure like your home or other outbuilding, you have probably even thought about how you would like the greenhouse to look and integrate with those existing structures. If you’re planning a stand-alone greenhouse, you probably have a good idea of layout and how you would like things structured and organized. While kits often meet many of the requirements you may have for a greenhouse, it is unlikely that they will meet all of your expectations 100%. Planning, building and using your own greenhouse allows you to build it how and when you want to, which is a freedom that many DIYer’s crave.

Whatever your reason for wanting to build your own DIY greenhouse, one thing is certain. The rewards are certainly worth the effort. Good luck!

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